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ArtWork By  Mark Betcher Since I found something old inside of me, which I've now made new and public... former linkers may wish to be removed. I understand that... and it's cool. I do, however, invite other outsider/folk artists and galleries to share links with me.
Outsider Art Links Mark Betcher

The Manic Mark Starving Artist Donation Fund
Donate a dollar or two to help keep my spirits up!

The Manic Mark Starving Artist Donation Fund
Hall Of Fame. Those giving folks who donated to the cause of what I don't know!

Button Dave Ledger
Gary Sachs
Burt Smith

The Rivertubes
Terrific alternative band out of Seattle WA. Hear them play music.

Chicken Dead Chicken
Amusing preaching on outsider art, folk art and life in general.

Nancy Camp
Very talented voiceover actor and a wonderful person!

RT Vegas
The work of RT Vegas is complex yet simple.