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ArtWork By  Mark Betcher

I mixed up science and love. Wait... I didn't need to do that... love is already a mixed up science. I guess I'm just pointing out the obvious.

Weird Love Science Blues

© Mark Betcher

The law of attraction. You know one and one is two
Take one away baby and you got the weird love science blues
I experiment with sweet mystery.  O life I got no clue
Take one away baby, and got the weird love science blues

The blues Baby. The blues is true. The blues Baby. The weird love science blues.

Now I study biology woman and classify you a wild thing
Never give a creature like you a diamond marriage ring
All the math in the universe woman can add up to just one thing
I gave you the moon and the stars when you made me the love science king

A diamond ring Baby. A little bling. Never give a marriage ring to a wild thing

Experiments in love. Mutations off the hook
Write ingredients down in your weird love science book
They see all you knows and they knows what you took
See hell fire through a black hole, Baby if you look

Hell fire Baby. Hell fire just look.  Hell fire Baby and romance off the hook.

Go beyond the snake oil potions that you preach
Beyond the law of attraction. New life forms you can teach
Split the atom, boy, bombshell  is a figure of speech
Man, I take a bite out of weird love science, sweet like a peach

Take a bite my boy.  Sweet as a peach. Split the atom, oh yeah. She’s sweet as a peach
Take a bite my boy.  Sweet as a peach. Split the atom, oh yeah. She’s sweet as a peach