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ArtWork By  Mark Betcher

A new song about a bitter sweet holiday...

The Day After Valentines Day

© Mark Betcher

Valentines Day. Valentines Day
I crave out your heart with my pocket knife
Another love marked on this twisted tree’s life
In the clouds I see your face. Am I dreaming
I wake up in pool of sweat. Was I screamin’?
Valentines Day. Valentines Day

You’re so beautiful and love is so blind
I’m tapping my cane on the curb. What was on my mind
The roses are wilting and the violets are dead
Swirls of sweet memories dance in my acid head
Valentines Day

Feel. Feel my sweet embrace
You don’t like it do you? Its a disgrace
What inspired to write my love sick rhyme?
Two parts vodka, one part lime
Valentines Day. Valentines Day