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ArtWork By  Mark Betcher

I When I was growing up. Soda was in short supply in our house. So when given the opportunity to pick out a pop for consumption. It was like going on search of treasure. I always came back with a Red Pop.

Red Pop

© Mark Betcher

Red Pop. Red Pop

My old man took me downtown to the general store
He talked to the liquore man while I paced the bare wood floors
He drank a beer and smoked ciggertte. He let me explore
The mysteries of the treasure chest full of pop bottles galore
Red Pop. Red Pop

I looked at the painted cooler rattling against the wall
Framed by bags of corn chips and pink candy gum balls
The paint was old and gray. 10 cents in pencil scrawl
I stood on a milk crate and peer in. Just to see them all
Red Pop. Red Pop

I can’t stop. Drinking that Red Pop

Each and every time I look for that fancy Red Pop
Theys a rainbow of colors shinning . Good to last drop
I might touch another color. But I know just when to stop
You better believe that I always grab out for that last Red Pop
Red Pop. Red Pop.

Yellow ones are lemon and green ones are lime
Orange ones are orange. The grape ones all cost a dime
Even an odd ugly color one. Chocolate as I recall
But red is the color of the pop I loved when I real small
Red Pop. Red Pop

I can’t stop. Drinking that Red Pop