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ArtWork By  Mark Betcher

Inspired by a rank found on a video by Chicken George I wrote the tune about my experience with art. I recently discovered that Van Gogh painted with yellow because it was a new vivid color.

I Only Paint With Yellow

© Mark Betcher with audio sample from CHICKENGEORGE1236

Thanks George!

Had an idea. Seemed good to me.
Paint all day and do it mostly for a free
Famous Artist School is the school for me
Draw Captian Hook in crayon to get your art degree

Greeting card art will kill me dead
Think cute all day or doing something else instead?
I paint like I’m five. But I’m very well read
Go to work for another The Man instead

Come build a business give everyone a cut
I’ll pay in 90 days, buddy, with a little luck
Pop goes the economy and you are left with what
Clients who kill themselves and your the nut

Build you a life by digging you a hole
Fill up your grave with a litttle scribbled soul
Spill over the top of your gray dust bowl
Let the colors in your mind take control

Never been too mellow

Now I only paint with yellow

I’m not a stranger

Just an odd fellow

And I only paint... only paint with yellow

Yes, I only paint... only paint with yellow

Only with yellow