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ArtWork By  Mark Betcher

Goodwill Girl Outsider Art Artist Manic Mark

Goodwill Girl

© Mark Betcher

There was a beat up 4x4 in the parking lot
With a three inch lift kit, a crack in the window and a wiff of pot
Duck taped rag top and a pink Hello Kitty sticker
Poly zebra seats and a crush can of malt liquor

That’s the Girl From Goodwill
Half off Saturday gives me a thrill
Senoir discounts and silver nose ring. No frills
I so happy that I think that I’m gonna go mentally ill

Because I Love her. Because I love her
Yeah, I Love her. Lord. I love her

I watched her wobble with a cloths rack
I asked her about a green pair of men’s slacks
She looked at me with her meth blue eyes
And asked me, Sir, what is your size?

I stammered and I stumbled. I stumbled with my tongue
I hoped she didn’t care that I was not so young
Hell! What am I thinking now?
I anit worth that girl’s love anyhow

I don’t need these green pants
I stare at her through home decorator plants
Cherry picked a string of exotica pearls
Pretty. But not like this Goodwill girl

She looks at me at my nervous sweat
I round up my change just to help the vets
She is a flower. A real wild thing
That red stain on her lips is hot and spicy chicken wings.