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ArtWork By  Mark Betcher

A song about greetings and how life planning goes wrong. Many times when we exchange greeting we simply lie and say "I'm great I couldn't be better!" when life actually sucks dog wiener. I'm not saying we should all start being honest about how our day is working out... Jesus... I'm swimming in my own pool of insanity... why would I want to take a dip in your pool... if you get my drift?

Krazee Land Outsider Art Artist Manic Mark

Karzee Land

© Mark Betcher

Great could be better
I followed your rules to the letter
Life is not what you planned
And everything is out of hand

I don’t misunderstand
Turth will never be at my hand
We work on bad brains and glands
It’s life in crazy land, crazy land, crazy land

How you doing today (spoken)
Great! Couldn’t be better
How you doing Brother?
I’m great! Couldn’t be better

I like a jumpin’ jive band
While you are cuttin’ off your right hand
Obey you mind’s commands
Because you are wired directly to crazy land

The child was unplanned
The love rocket was unmanned
It took a tick of the second hand
To make a dumpster baby on the shores... of crazy land

Yeah. Another whisper to deaf ears
Another cry into my beer
Another misbegotten grand stand
Just another march to the shores of crazy land

You step on a land mine
One you layed there the last time
Another one legged damaged man
Standing here in the check out line....
In crazy land.... Crazy land....
Crazy land

How you doin’ today Brother?