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ArtWork By  Mark Betcher

This song is a question

Art Bitches

© Mark Betcher

I paint art


I like to paint. I’m really good. All my friends say so. They all say so
I paint horses and houses. I paint landscapes. That’s what I paint. Artist landscapes
I do paintings of myself. Because I am an artist. A Portrait Artist
Look at this painting. I painted this painting. Look at this painting. I painted this painting

My paintings are artist paintings. Sometimes I paint ducks
They look like real artist paintings. Most other paintings suck
Everybody say so

I bought a paint kit. Off the internet. Now I paint in the kicthen. Oil paint in the kitchen
Here is a painting of myself. Did I show you that one? It’s not for sale. It’s not for sale
Would you like to buy it? It’s not for sale. Its green and purple. It’s not for sale.
I paint a flower. It only took an hour. Hang in on the wall. It looks kind of small
Would you like to buy a painting? A sunset in Brazil
I copied that painting from one I found at Goodwill

Art Is Mah Bitch. Art is mah Bitch. Mah bitch is art. Art Bitches