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ArtWork By  Mark Betcher
Sunset On Edge Town
30 x 40

Sunset On Edge Town Original Song Painting  Painting

Sunset On Edge Town

My old truck back fired once and then broke down
Now I’m stuck here in this old ghost of a town
Stuck with the fading sun going down
Going down at the edge of Edge Town

Looks like I might not drown
Can’t find no whislkey in this part of town
I started smoking and thought about my tattoo
She’s on my arm. A smeared image of a freak I once knew
I ate the last peice of wedding cake and threw out her white wedding gown
When I drove my pick-up truck into Edge Town
When I found myself lost this part of town

There are few rules in life to guide us
A golden ring. A few I Do’s and all that fuss
When I left her she fainted in that pure white dress
Her Momma and Poppa crying it was such a mess
Then she touched me. She made me want cry
Now I’m in a dark place. It’s time to say goodbye
Now I’m in a dark place. It’s time to say goodbye

A trail of yellow headlight beams
Guide me away from the surreal dream
Leaving you now must seem a little exrtreme
I gave back your ring why do you scream?
Baby I made a mistake. I’m just a human being
I’m leaving now baby. You make me crazy
I’m leaving now baby. You make me crazy

My old truck she broke down
I think I like it in this old ghost town
The sun will come up again on this empty town
Shinin’ on the edge of Edge Town. A new day at edge of Edge Town