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ArtWork By  Mark Betcher

Sun Shinning Through The Rain
30 x 40

The Sun Is Shinning Through The Rain Painting

Searchin for me here. Searchin there
Look at me Baby. I’m standing right here
Were you blinded by the glare
Of sun light shinning through your graying hair

My glass is dry and my bottle is empty
And I’m not drunk yet. Don’t feel no pity
I like to think that you’re little more witty
Your good bye note sounded kind of shitty

The sun is shinning in the rain
The sun is shinning in the rain
The sun is shinning. Shining through the rain

Your choice is my chance for change
Pack up your bags Baby you drive me insane
Leaving me now you done took my heart
Your sister will drive you if your car won’t start

In your dreams you are so mistaken
Your face cracked now and you look forsaken
Your not happy and your frozen thin
Strip off another layer of your cool blue skin

You can tread water upstream forever
And in love you can drown forever
Life is a matter of now or never
I pass on you cause you aint been here now or never

Love on one fist. Hate on the other
Choose one love hate over the other
I’m threw with you. I’m threw with you
I’m threw with you. I’m threw with you