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ArtWork By  Mark Betcher

The Latonia Girl
15 x 20

The Profiteer Painting

The Latonia Girl

Her lips was a flaming, the chalk white face was flushed
She aint a working girl yet but I could see her mind was rushed
Her mouth sliced open breathing black sparks and smoke
The Latonia Girl glared at me and then she made a joke
Damn the wind kicked up blew that trash into space
I ran over her dark shadow with a smile on my face

There stands The Latonia Girl each and every day
Wheels on the tar top spinning as I pass her way
Her dress was blood soaked red painted finger nail spears
My heart hit a pot hole can’t see through my fears
I’m in The Devil’s intersection and there’s fire in the streets
Old girl friends packed in cosmoline dreams in my back seat

I knew it was her before I saw her round the bend
The look on that face will mangle most men
I broke my wind shield so I could peer through
Sunglasses on the dash and only the best will do
Because she blinded me with steel red lips split in two
Through her fangs she mouthed fuck you

A moment ago she stood on the high heel curb
Took one more look back through her mall store blonde hair
The spirit held me in a hand job with a hard core piercing smile
I got killed again that day choking out fantasy dream in style
The next instance she vanished like the sun into the twilight
Or was that the reflection of some cheap old neon bar light