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ArtWork By  Mark Betcher
30 x 16

Atom Bomb End Of The World Painting

Blood on your face

Look at that blood on your face Brother. I don’t mean to stare
Look at that blood all over. Jesus in Heaven, I do declare
You all fucked up Man. Did you fall down the Stairs?
All that blood and you didn’t hit your head somewhere
You want cigarette. A little goodwill to spare
But all I can see is the blood and that you don’t seem to care

Got blood dripping down. And I don’t mean to stare
All red and horrible and I wonder if I should I care
That I don’t smoke. And you don’t look too awares
That I’m telling you now that I just don’t care
That you need some attention and some good medical care
Look man. Two blocks down. The hospital’s over there

I don’t need no band aid. No hospital repair
Just gimme a God damn cigarette. Man, any you can spare
I’ve been out all night and I got no story to share
What? I didn’t even notice this fucking blood in my hair
I don’t need no help from you. Don’t point me nowhere
I’ve been out all night. You got that there?

Hey man! I’m not screwing with you. I just don’t dare
That you got No shirt. No shoes. And your Life hangs in the air
Don’t look at me if I’m to blame and that maybe I should be scared
Lord I’m not screwing with you. I just really don’t care
It’s going to be hot today and don’t you think life’s unfair
It’s going to be hot today and don’t you think life’s unfair

Now I saw you stagger down the street. With blood in your hair
You got a grim dull look and your eyes, they do glare
I say Jesus help you boy, to find a house of prayer
So you can give up wandering the streets walkin’ in your nightmare
You a sorry son of a bitch. Living a life of despair
Jesus boy... look at that all that blood you got there in your hair

Look at that blood on you face I do declare
That mess is dripping all down your face. Drippin’ everywhere
You axe me for a gift and give me a glassy eyed stare
All that smoke, blood and dirt in your head of hair
I let you sit for a spell on my front porch chair
But you’re just an asshole and I really don’t care